Qualcomm DragonBoard 410c Hacking, Snapdragon Profiler, App Tune-up Kit, Game Creation, Vending Machine Hack | Wendell, Qain, & Logan | Tek Syndicate

Thanks to Qualcomm & The Tek Community for making this happen! We had a great time building the app & working with the software on QDN. For more info on the products we used click below:

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excellently done video


so who here paused and scanned that qr code?

here have this one lol


did this a month ago, when I was linked the apk file

google freaking out like WHOA MAN THIS AINT AN APP YET

10 minutes later its an app


I want to like this but I don't understand what the call to action is.

When I scan that

the machine is supposed to read it

We did some cool stuff with encryption to fingerprint your device and pass along your name to the vending machine so the vending machine can limit one vend per phone AND tweet your name and photo when vending :)


did not know you were still hangin around on the forums

This sounds like an elaborate way for Qualcomm to data mine.

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@hutchison15 when can we expect part 2? Hopefully more on how it all works! Its a cool project. Also Quallcom have made their software for windows, mac, and linux :D

@wendell any chance of a little info on how you got the vending machine to work nicely if you have time? Unless its coming up in part 2.

Still sorting out my membership in the LLC. Plus also I care about y'all. Not going anywhere.


Loved this vid.
Thanks for the great material gents

So the magic here is something called "Multi-Drop Bus" which is this penny-ante stupid 9-bit serial protocol from the late 80s. This is similar to another project I did not too long ago. anyway, the dragonboard in the vending machine can take over the microcontroller though we had a bit of cabling/interface problem. The software on there is capable of posting to twitter as well.
Also, those gifs I was collecting a while back from you guys it plays a random gif when it vends on successful decode of a QR code (and the QR code decodes to a phone device ID it hasn't seen before). It then takes a pic with the webcam and tweets it. There was some face recognition software but we didn't get a chance to add the face recognition thing to the IoT part of it.

So inside the vending machine, full linux/debian stack + gui, plus a proprietary interface board for the mdb, + a seeed studio relay control board for low-speed peripherals.

For the game, its unity + some special bits that generate the QR code.


Nice project- A little niche depending on how many local people pop in and use the machine, but the technical side looks very cool.
It's a sponsored video - Very nice on the transparency on that- and brings focus on an interesting bit of kit.
Reminded me of something I saw, hence UNSUBSTANTIATED comment in edit
[Original comment for clarity: Huh, looks similar to the unfinished project from @DeusQain that started off the Texit... (Hope I'm wrong...)]

Unless of course it actually was finished and someone was telling porkies

No, I mean I saw some pic and hope I'm wrong so there's a part 2. Its a really cool idea

That video was brilliant!! Really top notch nerdy stuff. I was amazed at just how powerful that Dragonboard is.

I don't care who gets what in the divorce, so long as there's more of this stuff, I'm a happy nurd.

Really looking forward to part 2!

Coming later this week. I'll be sure to point you to Wendell's stuff as soon as we finalize things.


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