Quakecon 2019

I’m a nope as well. Don’t save me a seat.

I haven’t ruled out just making a trip to hang out though.

Totally should! Every year I find myself with very little time to actually sit down and play games. Tons to do without a BYOC ticket.


Yup! All three of us will be there this year! Monkey’s gonna get her first real taste of what Peace, Love, and Rockets is all about. :smile:


Sounds like a convention full of nerds :nerd_face:

For anyone that didn’t get a seat it looks like they’re doing a second wave of BYOC seats. Not sure if these are from refunded tickets during the first wave or a reserve, but I’m leaning towards the former. But anyone that needs a seat is getting a second chance at least.


Beat me to it! :smile:

That’s PenguinCon

So, my buddy bought me a ticket without telling me. I’ll be there :slight_smile: Don’t know where I’ll be sitting though. But I will make an appearance and take a nude classy selfy in front of the banner.


Ok, some seats have been taken by the VIP & QDQ folks, so here is the latest current plan for the moment. Same story about the end seats… But we’re thinking…

(General Area)
1st choice Blue Circle

2nd choice Red Circle

I figure we should be able to get something in these areas. Any thoughts?

Are we jumping in the L1T voice chat to do this and make sure we sit near each other?

That sounds good to me!

c-10 17

Well… that was kind of a clusterfuck as usual lololol

I think most of us ended up in Section C Row 2

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well, shit, now i gotta swap

@Commissar I’d grab seats 20/22 if you can! that’d be next to me

gotta go through their support…


@Commissar Seat swapping deadline is July 1st from what we’ve been told. Contact https://www.showclix.com/contact and request the change before then to lock it in. As of writing this C-2-20/22/24 are still open so keep an eye out and hopefully you can get in. :slight_smile:

I think my buddy and I are in the top left block of A roughly middle area.

I will walk over and say hi, though. :smiley: Can’t wait!

i got 20


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