Quakecon 2019

ok, who all is going. registration is Thursday the 11th at 9 am!


let’s coordinate where everyone is sitting this year


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I cant go this year

I’m going!

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@AnotherDev and @Adubs you guys going this year?

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I’m a hard depends.

if wife.job = true
then (maybe)
else (nope)


you need to optimize. no need to an else here.

if wife.job == true
then (maybe)

“Anything that can be engineered can be over-engineered,” that’s my motto

class Quakecon...

Depends on if I have work happening that week but I may try and bring a rig and actually hang this time, last time I just dropped in for a few hours.

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Our usual gang of misfits will be there of course. Assuming the layout is the same we’ll likely try to get a spot very similar to last year. I know Qain and MaxCFM are set on getting a spot on the end of a row, so we’re just going to build off that.

Registration is Tomorrow, Thurs April 11th! 9am CT, but seating isn’t until May sometime, so we still got time to coordinate. Here’s to hoping for a less stressful registration this year!
@Commissar @NJM1112 @BioBandit


got my ticket. how abotu the rest of yall

Yup! We’re in! @wendell ? (rrrrriiiiiggghhhht) :rofl:

Looks to be sold out already?


seatmap is up, where do we want to be?
@imaximus @behindthetimesgamer

At Quakecon.


They sold out while I was working :expressionless:

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They sold out in like ten fuggin’ minutes.

I can make an appearance if people want to shake hands and take selfies. Maybe we’ll all go to the bar or something.


I’d be down to hang out and definitely hit up a pub or something.

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@Commissar currently we’re thinking Section C Rows 9-15. Because it’s nearest the entrance/exit.

Don’t know where specifically tho. Still working out details. I know MaxCFM and Qain are trying to get seats on the end of a row, so we’re building off that.


Ok, here is the official plan…

Blue Square is 1st choice, Red Square is 2nd choice.

@DeusQain and @maxcfm will have two seats each, and will each be trying to get seats in the Blue Square. If we’re not able, the Red Square is the backup plan.

Which ever seats they pick, we’re going to try and fill the row starting at the top and working down. The goal is to take over both sides of an entire table so we can have one to ourselves, guaranteeing we wont be bothering someone else with the banner, or competing for banner space. If we do that, the rest doesn’t matter too much as long as we’re near each other, so no need stress out if you’re not able to get the exact seat you wanted. Plus seat trading is always an option.

Myself and I’m sure other in our group will be coming in pairs, so keep that in mind. I think @PerfectAgent007 is bringing the whole family!


I’m a hard nope for now. count me out.