QuakeCon 2015 Registration! - [Logan/Qain]

Post updated 3/27/15

Hey guys,

I know Logan talked about even having a Tek Syndicate booth at Quakecon this yeart. If that is still the plan, I run a sign shop in Dallas and can produce some some banners or other types of signage for the booth.

I can do banners and a few other things for free. But something like a table cloth or table throw/runner doesn't go through me so I couldn't do that kinda stuff free. Just as long as we don't wait til the last minute to order it.

What say you?!

We got about 10 or 12 people together in a Tek Syndicate group for this year's event! It's gonna be awesome!

If I can get a ticket I will  be going

Just a reminder, registrations starts today!!! 7pm CT/8pm ET!!! Link Here

Hi imaximus,

Ty for posting Reg reminder :)

WOW, 1st reg sold out.

Here's a great place to visit for up to date qcon info, and qcon topics :)

It was a fun surprise meeting & playing ql w/ Logan & Qain at qcon last year, such nice guy's!! I hope they can make it this year!! :)

I look forward to meeting ppl on this forum :) After I reg I'll post my seat #, stop by & say "hi". I'll send a quake live invite 2nite. My tag is: DANGEROUSGIRL.

I just started a new job, I hope I can take time off. I don't wanna miss qcon anniversary, woo-hoo 20 years!!

Logan & Qain are on my ql friend list, If I see them on.....I'll ask If their attending. That reminds me....I need to purchase a Tek shirt to sport at qcon :)

Cya in the ql arena soon,

DG :)

Next Round of Registration starts in about an hour! 7pm central time! This is the package I'm trying to get in on! https://registration.quakecon.org/?

Well, I was on the registration countdown page for two hours waiting for it to open up. After the timer expired I was immediately put into a registration queue because of high traffic. 4 minutes later when my spot came up so I could register I got this page. Never refreshed, never even had a chance. WTF!!!

There's always next wave, but this is the package I really wanted to get in on. Seriously disappointing.

Well there won't be John Cormack anymore... and they didn't show publicly trailer for doom 4... so its just a shell of what it used to be.

Same thing happened to me. I was in the queue for maybe 2 min tops and the package was immediately sold out. Very sad.

Well 300 packages selling out in 3 minutes tells me you might be wrong. This is the 20th anniversary of Quake Con, we're sure to see something from Doom 4 publicly since it will have been a year later since the private showing, and if Fallout 4 is announced at E3 (which it probably will be) You can be sure there will be a lot of buzz about that at QuakeCon as well. I have a feeling this could be the biggest QuakeCon in years.

I love Carmack, but there is much more to QuakeCon than his keynote. Last year's Con was pretty epic and he wasn't there either.

I'd love to get myself to a Quakecon one day not sure how easy it is to fly over into the states with a PC i'm sure it's drama with customs is it not?

meh "console peasants". Happy cause they get fallout on quakecon... kinda tarded if u ask me.
People are such a sell outs.

Pretty sure Fallout 4 will be releasing on PC, just like every other Bethesda game in existence, so I don't know why you're bringing up "console peasants". I guess I'm a sell out for liking my PC games on PC and playing them at QuakeCon.

On last quakecon they were showing console games. On quakecon... its is not a console game fair ... its a place to play some quake with people, and speak with our Super Kami Guru Carmack.

and them showing Fallout at all... the faq...
Evil dark lords Zenimax didn't waste time to corrupt. (and sue modding community of id games)


Actually no, every single game shown at QuakeCon last year was released on PC. But keep living in you're fantasy world of PC Hipster Race. I'm done arguing with you.

Does anyone know if you can by two BYOC tickets at a time. Since tickets sold out so fast this past Wednesday it would be nice if I can buy a ticket for a friend if only one of us makes it in to the ticket queue.


I'm pretty sure that you can only buy one at a time. It's more about the registration process than it is about buying a ticket, so they want individual's to fill out their info. But if you are planning on going be sure to post in the thread linked [HERE] so that we can get an idea of who will be there!