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Quake Champions Megathread



TFW you barely hit 60s on medium-low.


instagib is fun


a10-7850k+XFX R7 250 ddr3 2gb
1080 low in everything
crossfire works!
low settings still looks amazing on my 27" HP 1080 monitor, way better then quake 2 did on my 5x86 :slight_smile:
had to restart 3 times before the crossfire kicked in


Going out with a bang


I want muh fuckin URIEL

Is it worth throwing the 30 bucks at for the whole pack?


It’s a fun game even when you’re really really bad

iGPU at 100% dGPU runs around 80%. Id and Saber make an awesome game engine
30 bucks on this would be better then the 20 bucks I spent on Battlefront2 :slight_smile:
Game looks good even at lowest settings


The pack ensures let’s you have all the heroes they continue to release. After it launches free players will have to buy subsequent champions.

If $20 is burning a hole in your pocket go ahead. For me, the amount of entertainment it provided me was just as good as overwatch.

Currently there are 12 champions and one champion costs 800 platinum(about $1 for 100) or 250000 favor(free currency). Let’s assume that a new player joined after the launch, if we do the math it’s about $8 per champion and $96 for 12 champions.

That’s why I suggest adding it to your steam library to try it out first and if you enjoyed it you can buy the champions pack to support id for further development


I’ve started playing this game again, I was playing a shit load of Doom MP so the transition is kinda smooth to this.

bought the pack not long after then found out about that Red Shell stuff.


biggest issue for me is that it plays like a hero shooter that wants to be an arena shooter. The movement and platforming are OK but they’ve just implemented something that was originally core to the franchise as opposed to building on it.

They should have either more strongly distinguished it as an arena shooter or tried to stand out more in the hero shooter department, there’s not really room for more hero shooters in this market anyway and the design just feels indecisive.


is toxikk still a thing in multiplayer or is it a ghost town


lucky us


Cool beans


Bit of an older post now but, to keep record, i never had issues with framerate, it runs on Ultra with waaaay beyond 100fps on my X5670+1060 rig and and steady over 144fps on my new R5 2600x+1070ti machine, even though i don’t have a monitor that can take advantage of the framerate


Ghost town from my experience, mostly bots…


Hmm that’s interesting.
Do you think Quake Champions has a preference towards cards with higher VRAM or does the engine prefer nvidia cards? It’s also wierd to see people mentioning their GTX 980s and 780s getting better performance compared to my Fury.

I have the settings set to low on my Fury X and on good maps it hits 120 as a peak. I tried setting it to the high preset, but that doesn’t improve framerate.

Corrupted keep destroys my framerate, 70 fps overall.

It’s just really wierd because in Overwatch my framerate is always above 200fps on medium-high graphics settings. In Doom(what the engine I think is based on) my frame rate is in the upper 140s, so I’d expect Quake champions to be in the ball park of 120-130.

I will give id and saber the benefit of the doubt that the game can still be optimized for now.


that’s sad. mechanically very nice. Maybe UT4 woll suprise us on release. (it has linux support which is nice but it’s still super alpha codebase buggy)


Indeed, i hope UT4 will be good!


new linux client released a few days ago btw


I always end up in the 4th, 3rd place. I got the steam version while it was free and logged in with my acc where I was playing before.

Also lololol to UT4 update after a year it seams.


Haven’t played the competitive matches yet but on the deathmatches and team deathmatches i think its hard not come out in first or second, specially now with the new players.
For some reason the swap i made for a heavier mouse improved my performance on the game, now the only bottleneck i have is the keyboard…