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Quake Champions Megathread



And the loot boxes, SOOO many loot boxes


Cosmetic loot boxes are fine imo
inb4 “but its gambling”


I thought they fixed it?


Seems fixed to me, haven’t had any major randomness happen in a while…


does anyone else get frame rate issues? My fury peaks at 110 at low settings


quake champions in early acess; free until June 21 and champions pack sale

wrote a review on steam


The netcode is still abysmal. Instagib just shows it off really well, getting shot when getting into cover, getting killed after taking the teleporter etc. On top of that there are just not enough players… idk, they are going to have to pull a miracle for this game to gain traction.


Which servers are you playing on? Because I have not encountered the netcode issues. I know I had ping issues, which was solved by switching to cities closer to me


Same choices as you.


that’s unfortunate.
Hopefully it will get better for you