Quake: Champions - Beta Sign Ups Open!

Beta sign ups are open!

2 mins of Raw Gameplay

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Blood Covenant Arena

Burial Chamber Arena

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Best interview on the game so far. WATCH IT!

Another great interview here.

This part stood out to me.

Another great interview posted today. [7/11/16]


If what I just heard is true about it being a class based system, I'm going to cry. Why would they do that to Quake.


I just told my wife, "People are gonna complain about that, just wait."


Well yes because Quake isn't a class based shooter. If they want to make a new IP sure go for it. I've been playing Overwatch and love it, but don't do that to Quake. Are you actually excited about this?


Never been Quake player but my first thought was that I'm going to follow how you take it as I think there are many Quake fans in here.

Maybe I'm getting old but pretty much every new AAA game has been a disappointment. Like these games are not bad, but they are using a name, a brand, that has a history.... and mostly just piss all over it. Doom singleplayer was good from what I played but mp was trash... fingers crossed that it is good, even if it's not old school quake (and prey * sob * uhh.... pray..... it will have a good player base long term in a post Overwatch world)

Also.... can it not have a reliance on publisher servers..... please?

Who thinks it'll be F2P, if not at launch but after a year?

I'm excited about there being a new Quake yes, but I'm reserving judgment until I play the game. Or at least see it. I just feel too many people (mostly hardcore PC gamers, which makes me sad) get way too cranky when something from thier past returns a little different. Can't we just be happy there is a new Quake coming for a little while before we shit all over it?

Aside from the "Champion" system or class system if you want to call it that, it sound like they are targeting the PC Elitist crowd specifically, but I know some people will still complain it isn't exactly what they wanted or it's not exactly like their favorite version of Quake.

Grow... adapt... git gud.

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Also, as far as the class system goes, I got a feeling it wont be full on Classes. It's probnably going to be more like, Champion 'A' can run faster, while Champion 'B' can jump higher, and Champion 'C' has more armor, other than that I bet the game play is mostly the same.

So like, no medic, support, or sniper classes. Just characters with different attributes.

I'm not sayings its going to be bad, but why do this to a classic game? Perhaps I'm becoming a conservative about Quake. But I think for a lot of people this isn't the Quake they were asking for. Yes I'm waiting for actual game play before anything, but I still believe this would have been better as a new IP instead of riding on Quakes name and popularity.

That is possible (and I hope that's all they do), but still prefer a level playing field. If you are better then you are better thats it, that's how I like it.

I don't see any Quake in that trailer. I see a moba shooter....


Or at the very least add a classic mode. Otherwise this is makes me uneasy.

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judging from the video I think that is not happening, each champ will have abilities like teleport, rush, phase out deal. Its overwatch with quake skins (as in each champ has abilities set to them).... and no eyeball

You hit the nail right on the head Big_Al_Tech! They need to add a classic mode. For me I also wanted a story mode but that is definitely not going to happen.

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Class based my dick. I'm sticking with 3.

Here's the thing, if they just made a copy of the same old game people would just bitch that it's a cash grab with no effort. They try to make it new and exciting, maybe with a class system, and people still bitch.

There is no pleasing you people!


I don't mind the class based bit that much. But like if players only have 1 gun per class.... its not Quake imo.

And Yeah, it being Quake is going to make it very difficult for them to change things enough to attract new players and improve upon the Quake multiplayer without pissing off the Quake fanboys...

With the failure that is multiplayer in Doom, I am not very hopeful of this game. But who knows, maybe it will be good.

the solution is when you try something completely new, use a new IP. But most devs don't want to do that, they want to bank on people connecting it to an old, successful IP, but guess what, that means people are going to expect it to be similar to that old IP.

That's my problem, prey was the biggest one for me (though I bet no one knows what the hell the old prey was). I hold my judgement for when it comes out for quake, doom wasn't bad, so there is hope. However you hit the nail on the head, new idea, make new ip, stop using/abusing our nostalgia.

just played the demo of Doom. Not impressed at all. Don't get what the fuss was about, shit single player imo.