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Quadro 6000 passthrough with CentOS guest to run Flame

Hello folks. I think I found the right place to help troubleshoot this issue:

I want to run virtual autodesk flame workstation, which has many issues, and I’ll probably be creating a thread as I run these issues down, but has anyone done this already?

I’m planning on running a linux host with 4 x nvidia Quadro 6000 GPUs, each one designated for passthrough to a centOS 7.2 guest.

Autodesk Flame is a compositing system for visual effects, for those who don’t know. The power of flame is in the real time compositing features and playback, so I/O is a huge issue. I haven’t seen any virtual systems yet, but since the licensing is now floating, meaning it’s not tied to the hardware anymore, I don’t see any legal reason for it not to be a VM, much like having a 3D modeling/lighting and animation workstation using Houdini, Maya, 3DS Max or Cinema 4D.

Here are the potential issues I see (yes, I will be building a test machine as soon as some hardware frees up, but it ain’t cheap):

  • RAM access (which I can see actually improving with a VM)
  • SSD support (these systems use terabytes of storage and again, O/O speed is a big factor)
  • audio sync with footage
  • GPU/video I/O

Like I said, I’m just starting on this project, and my research brought me here, so I’m really hoping for some help from this community. If and when I get a working setup, I’m happy to share my findings here as well.

Thank you in advance for any help. I really appreciate it.

Take care.