Quad M.2 on Intel C602J

This post is in response to this video:

So my Servermainboard (I use it as Desktop) seems to support the ASRock Quad M.2
At the moment i cant take the system down - however I’ll supply images of the AMIBCP BIOS editor.

My Mainboard is a Supermicro X10QBI currently with only one CPU populated (E7-4890v2)

I can change the lane allocation of every single PCIE slot on the board.

With that sad, I sadly cannot test those claims - I dont have a ASRock QUAD m.2 card nor do I have 4 M.2 Devices, I suppose I could buy four of those M.2 -> PCIE x4 adapters on ebay an run 4 GPUs/Addin-Cards

So it would most likely work, but if I cant loan a Quad m.2 from somebody it will be only a theory - I sadly cant spend the money to test this - I just a student and I have to buy 3 of those Memory boards to be able to finally run 4 CPU’s

Hope this post was informative, best regards :slight_smile:


I don’t think this counts as n think Wendell was referring to Intel - consumer grade hardware. Not enterprise/Xeon.

Must say interesting build you got going there.

I suppose yes - it’s not really a consumer board :smiley: However It’s most likely one of a few intel Boards which does have support for Pcie slot lane spliting and since Wendell asked - I thought I point it out.

Interesting setup.

The pic is a little bit dated - now it has a vega 64 and its on an actual desk

Yep, that’s why I said it’s probably leftover from a xeon feature. They did demo x299 boards at computex with lane splitting which is fine as long as there is a clockgen somewhere.

Some x299 boards are x16/x16/x8 but others are x16/x8/x8/x8 because of Intel’s screwy pcie lane rationing so possibly you end up in a situation where you’ve got x16 pcie nvme and then x8 graphics.

This splitting on xeon is how you can have 8-16 nvme slots in a chassis setup for storage.

But I haven’t got my hands on a board that works on x299 yet.

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that’s really nice tool, i wasn’t aware they were available publicly.

// has anyone tested this ami tool on consumer type hardware?
EDIT: Yep, tested it works fine even with x370 msi pro gaming carbon

Well it is very nice, you can alter Bios settings and make hidden settings avalible

EDIT: AMI dont want them to be public so you have to find a russian mirror to download it

well i haven’t found any hidden settings on msi x370 gaming pro carbon. Except that tools allows me to change amount of pci-e lanes of pci-e ports and m2 slots.

Yeah on consumerboards - usually there are no hidden settings, but on serverboards there are a lot :slight_smile:

i’ll test it out later on something old; but i doubt there are any hidden ones on server boards i own.

// my supermicro X9DRi-F bios doesn’t seem to be readable.
well its likely too old.

Be aware, no uefi bioses need an older version

// edit : I think you need amibcp 4.53 or 3. something

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that one is UEFI 2.3.1;
its C602 chipset

Yes, sorry let me refrase that.
There are AMI Aptio V bios’s like mine - and there are Aptio IV bioses and you most likely need amibcp 4.53

ah ok; got it. Thanks

would you have 4.53 tool ~ available to share?

// ain’t got time to take precautions at the time to grab it from russians.

hope it works

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thanks, it works.

Now lets take a look.
//Edit: No options are hidden, everything is visible.

but i love it even more now. I’ll certainly will make some adjustments, and disable not needed pci-e ports.

Have fun ;D

oh I will

time to be free from pre-set pci-e lanes. Finally!
(ib4, i brick my mobo)

If you set the column where it says default to user you can change it in the bios and you dont have hard code it in the rom