Quad core or Dual core

I'm buying a cpu soon and think I'm going to get an E8500. I was wondering what you guys think...should I get a quad core and OC it or just stick w/ the E8500 (w/c I'll OC). The computer the cpu will be going in is solely for gaming and I won't be doing any video/photo editing or anything along those lines. I want to stay w/in $250 give or take a little. The mobo is either a 780i or 750i, not sure on that either. So what would you buy (quad or dual)?

I'd say get the e8400 xD

Or if you want a qaud, Idk most people say q6600.

But if dual; get e8400 (can oc to e8500 without voltage change; e8500/e8600 are a rip off imo)

Cool, thanks. What would you buy...the quad or the dual?

q6600 all day. only $20 more than the e8400, and getting the e8500 is just... eh. money wasting, might as well just get the e8400 and overclock it to save some money.

but i want the q6600. i've wanted it all year and nothing has changed my opinion, unless the e8400 goes down to $50 cheaper. until then, i wouldn't even consider it over the q6600. e8500..... no, just no.

lets think about it this way, you said you would overclock to 3.0 ghz if you got the q6600, right? so then, if you do overclock i would go with the quad core. you can get it to the same speed, but also its quad, so thats awesome. if you dont overclock, go with the e8400. if you doubt your overclocking skillz, go with the e8400

curious george= win

No, I'm going to overclock w/c ever CPU i get. If it's the q6600 I will OC it to 3 ghz...if I get the e8400 I'll OC it to 4 ghz. This will be my first OC but, from what I've read, it will be easy to OC both of the CPUs to the clocks I just listed. I'm just curious if I shoudl get a quad or a dual core. I'll be upgrading my mobo and CPU to icore7 probably in a year...so do you think that I shoudl get a quad or a dual in the mean time?


if you're going to get a new computer that soon afterwards, save your money and get an even cheaper cpu than the e8400 then. just OC to around 3.something ghz, because if you're seriously going to get a nahalem/x58 mobo next year, you won't need to build a big bad rig now.

in actuality, just don't build anything and wait for it rather than wasting money now.

i agree with kokun, why would you spend 1000 + dollars if your just going to completely take everything out in a year?

I'd get the quad. Most games coming out will be optimized for quads.

Is this even a question?

wuts better, 2 or 4?


quad core is relatively future proof


if ur going to upgrade in a year get the e8400. theres no point in futureprofing if you are going to upgrade so soon, just get whats better and more cost effective at the moment.

Honestly, I would just get the E8400, get a stable 3.6GHz overclock (low temps, stock voltage, yet high performance boost), because overclocking to 4 will only show little improvement over 6, but generates A LOT more heat. Also, Yeah, just get the E8400, save some money, and wait til the Q9450 drops in price after Core I7 comes out, and buy that. Lol.

people have told me to get 6600 instead of the q9450 becuase the 6600 has an unlocked multiplier


unlocked multiplier my ass

The max for the Q6600 is 9x....isnt it?

yeah hyphy, your totally wrong

give him a break, he's black...wait, does that even make sense? oh well

If you allready have a dual core id get the quad rather than getting another dual cored cpu!

Yes mosst game do not use the quad yet, but next year that will probably change.

learn to read doctor, hes upgrading to a core i7 in a year.