Quad core cpu's

what would you consider the best quad core, cost to proformince?

The amd athlons are all stupid cheap and perform well.

AMD Athlon X4 860k.

it's a AMD 7850k Kaveri without the iGPU. and the price for it is $70 dollars. And an FM2+ motherboard ranges from $80 to $150 bucks.

well the A88X chipset ones do. which is the ones you should be looking for in the FM2+ Platform.

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+1 when I built my sisters PC i put a 760K in there and haven't heard any complaints yet

Depends on your ussage, and expertations.

Straight up bang per buck, depending on sales ether the fx 4300 or the 860k. 


the i5 is still really good bang per buck, especially at microcenter, but unless you need dat pcie 3.0 or a really high end gpu(more than a 280x(7970) or 770(680) its not really needed.  

ok thank you all for your thoughts and suggestions. I've resolved to save for the fx-8350.

Cost to performance depends on your budget as well. Overall if you exclude budget it's either an unlocked i5 if you need overclocking or one of the newer Xeons like E3-1231 v3 if you don't care about overclocking.

I can't answer this question if I don't know what you are gonna be using it for. I personally like the i5 4460 as an allrounder.

Probably the 760k/860k for the best bang for your buck quad core. With something like an unlocked i5 being the best all rounder.

Good call ;) it's not that much more expensive and still is a very capable cpu.  You could always save a few bucks and grab the 8320 if you're comfortable with overclocking it to 8350 speeds.

Are we talking about new/current architecture? 

In all honesty, older unlocked quads can be very capable and cheap due to second hand pricing.

I would argue that you can find some pretty stupid deals on ebay such as the 3770k that I'm rocking right now at 4.6GHz even still compared to today's pricing. However, understandably, it's still not in budget range.

I would also agree that the Athlon II series is a great option for starting system builders. Second choice however would probably be the FX-6300. Friend of mine got one for under 100 bucks and that thing rocks!

+1 FX 8350 is an AMAZING cpu for the money