QS from China and what are the risks to build the server

General speaking I want to build my own server. The problem is cpus with I already choose to buy. They are QS. If you are not aware for QS topics please do not comment. I need only people who have real experience and practice with those cpus.

Socket Type: LGA 3647
mainboard: supermicro X11DGQ
cpu: 2x Intel Xeon W-3275M QS
server case: still I do not know what to choose. May be something like
size of “Chenbro NR12000 1U”
PSU: Dual 2x “SUPERMICRO 2000W 80PLUS PLATINUM” (I need to check for compatibility with mainboard off course. I am not sure if the slot are compatible between psu and mainboard female slot)

So many questions and zero answers.

This will not use for gaming. At least this i can confirm 100% sure.

At the begging I was thinking to buy epyc. After I saw “QS” price…

ntel Xeon W-3275M QS 2.5GHz 28Core LGA3647 CPU For Mac Pro 2019/HP Z6 G4
$1,670.00or Best Offerfrom China

Intel XEON W-3275M QS CPU 28-core 2.5G processor LGA3647 MacPro CPU 205W
Brand New
$1,820.00Buy It Nowfrom ChinaLast one10 watchers

Intel Xeon W-3275M QS QRSP QRV9 28C 2.5GHz 38.5MB 205W LGA3647 for iMac Pro
Brand New
$1,640.00Buy It NowFree International S

Intel Xeon W-3275M QS 2.5GHz 28Core LGA3647 CPU For Mac Pro 2019/HP Z6 G4
$1,650.00or Best OfferFree International Shippingfrom China

If your planning to buy QS, or Engineering Samples - due to the sometime “lack of” or “broken” driver support for some mother boards.

I strongly suggest if you ever do buy it - do buy it bundled with the motherboard and some ram. And ask if the system has been tested.

This also makes it easier for you to test, and potentially return on issues (if its even possible).

For surplus sellers, generally they will have some bundles listed at their store, and they will know which boards work with their CPU’s.

(cant advice much specifically, cause i cant check further without the links)


The suggestion is good but in a real practice it is almost impossible. I thing first o get everything except cpus and then I have 30 days returning policy.

Yea, situation is seller specific - frankly IMO - if the supplier isn’t a bulk seller, you probably should not gamble on it (cant do an assessment on your situation without links)

There are plenty of sellers that are able to do bundles, be it from alibaba or ebay if you contact them

Whats the use case for this? Business personnel? Is it mission critical ?

Haha - I sincerely hope its not business critical production

Sorting out the drivers could easily be half the job

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