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Qnix Q2710LEDDPORT weirdness

i have the above monitor bought it second hand just to dip my toes into the 1440p monitor goodness, while i love this monitor for the 100 bucks i paid for it, it has some weird quirks and i’m not sure if it’s just my monitor specifically or if it’s a common thing with these.

first of all it does not sleep properly sometimes. my monitors are set to sleep after 10 minutes and while a lot of the times it does go into power save with the red light on and what not, sometimes i come back to just a backlight on and the monitor still acting as though it’s powered on. this happens regardless how it’s connected and my other two monitors (dell 24" 1080p panels) are powered down in sleep. also when it wakes it’s usually the last monitor to wake and windows loses it at some point and my windows are on the other monitors and it’s just gets annoying having to move everything back properly.

secondly the power brick it comes with gets HOT like burn you hot… i know it’s a cheap monitor but is that a common thing as well?

thanks for the read i’m definitely open to anymore things i could try or what have you…