Qemu/kvm networking with bonds

Hello there!

I have an “old” GSA (google branded dell R700,710,720, not quite sure), added a second 4port gigabit NIC to it and have been messing around with it for about a year. so far it’s running 8 docker containers and 6 qemu/kvm VMs and playing nas/cloud/vpn/minecraft server for me and a few friends just fine.

Except… networking. i’m mainly a web developer, i’m pretty shit at networking. every time i reboot this server, my VMs can’t get a connection anymore.

current setup:
4 ports (built in) are in a lacp bond (bond0) going to my mikrotik router (RB3011UiAS-RM)
1 idrac going to the mikrotik
4 ports (added nic) are in a lacp bond (bond1) going to a 8port hp switch (1810-5g)
GSA is running ubuntu 20.04.1
all VMs are bridged to “bridge0”, as is bond0.
bridge0 is set to dhcp, as are the VMs

i can never remember what i did to fix the connection issues, just like today, yay.

can you tell me where i’m going wrong? did i miss something? have a better way to set all this up?