Qcode 00

So I have a Q code 00 on my motherboard which generally means (no post) but everything is working fine does anyone have experience with this? From what i was reading,it generally means the motherboard or the CPU has a failure this is obviously not the case in my situation.

what motherboard?


"00 not used" so im thinking since allthe other q codes are "their is a problem" not used means a ok, q code not in use.

OK, So just got off the phone with ASUS and what i found out from them is in a normal circumstance " 00 not used " means that the CPU is failing to speak to the motherboard. in my circumstance this means that the q code is a lie. I flashed my BIOS to the latest and greatest and then I cleared CMOS. I went through my settings and made sure everything was up to snuff and before i boot into grub everything is beautiful Q CODE: AA. Now i am starting to lean to towards the fact it could be a compatibility issue with Linux in general,
Yes Linux boots fine and yes everything works I think the X-99 Motherboard was built to work on the windows platform specifically thus indicating the QCODE Error.