Q6700 Quad Core Build

I have a Q6700 Quad Core CPU by intel laying around , wondering if you guys have suggestions for what to do with it. I would like to build a gaming PC around it. Find a decent motherboard then post links to component suggestions so that i can start ordering parts and get this baby rollin!

You should get a ddr3 supporting motherboard. I had a gigabyte ga-ep45-x (some model with 2x2 ddr2, 2x1 ddr3 slots, crossfire ready and a lot of usbs and dual ethernet). I had my current 8gb running fine 3 years ago.

You can crossfire two HD 4890 and it will be better than some mid range builds today. I'd focus on overclocking the CPU first, but this forum isn't a good place to start looking (tomshardware old threads, other forums). If ddr3 limits overclocking then too bad (I myself couldn't get past 3.2 Ghz on a e7300 because of ram speed issues).

Here's how an OCd good old quad core competes with his younger brothers. (q9550 is more or less an i7 920, and that is like <10-15% better than a q6600 OCd, really depends on clockspeed).

I've seen people reach 3.6 ghz on air.