Q6600 vs Phenom II 955 Black Edition

Hi guys, i'm new in the community. Just wanted to ask, I own both CPU's the Q6600 and the Phenom, both stock coolers, some say that the Q6600 @ 3GHZ > Phenom @ 3.6. Dont know if it's true, so wanted to clear things. I hear people saying that the Q6600 at stock can pwn the phenom at 3.6.. I do game alot and stream sometimes, and i did notice with the Q6600 i was streaming good and playing good, I changed to the phenom with the exacly same settings, i was playing with choppyness... Cool and Quiet was off btw. So what do you guys think?

Best Regards from Portugal

clock for clock they trade blows, but if the phenom is 600Mhz higher then it most certainly will beat it

now that depends also on the program, the q6600 does have some instruction sets that the phenom does not

stuff like console emulation the q6600 would beat like PCSX2 takes advantage of those SSSE3 and SSE4 extensions

but the phenom has better Vitualization and supports ECC memory as long as your mobo does

for general games pick the phenom

here's a benmark of a phenom and q6600 almost at the same speeds

and here's one where its 600mhz higher

well the core 2 Quad beats a FX8350 Vishera in in single threaded applications realy easaly.
Even if those cpu´s are way older, they still have a better performance per core then AMD FX chips.

I have tested this myself, and i was realy bummed about it lol.

If we talk about phenom vs Q6600, i think they both should be close in streaming.

If i was you, i would seriously think about a cpu + mobo upgrade.
Because both platforms are realy dated, for now days standards.

Thanks for the repplies. I will buy a new computer when i start working. Thanks for the help :)

A Q6600 does not beat an 8350 in single threaded workloads.

Core 2 quads exaly do, even core 2 duo´s.
I wasnt talking about the Q6600 in particular, but i think if you overclock that, it wil get damm close to it..

As you can see, The per core performance of AMD FX cpu´s is pretty awfull.
And i think that the phenom isnt that much better at all.

But yeah, i dont wanne go to much offtopic ☺