[Q] NKRO on Model M?

So Wendel mentioned in one episode of The Tek about NKRO on his Model M using a custom copper foil membrane with diodes and a custom controller, but didn't mention anything about how to do it specifically.

I have a Model M with both a dead membrane and a dead controller, so this project would be perfect for me. How exactly would I go about doing it?

I'll just do you a favor an page @wendell. Also I dont mean to hijack this thread but if Wendell looks at this and he knows someone in europe who would apply the nut and bolts mod to my Model M, I'd really appreciate it lol

The easiest way to do this is to get a Model F, because those have native NKRO.

But if you're super set on doing the mod, I'd ask @wendell directly.

I need a helper to help me clean up this project and finish it nice. Want to redo the controller with a teensy 3.1 or better.. the day keyboard community out there is super strong now compared to what it was.

The copper custom sheets are about $200 for a run of 3 tho. And the smt devices interfered with mounting the plastic properly.

I was really hoping that Wendell would make a short vid on what he did--and that would in turn get the assistance he requires.

Yes I'm bumping an old thread. My M13 still doesn't have NKRO.


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I see you necro bump and I approve it