Python Project for RaspPi?

Hello all,

I'm a student with a mission to learn python, currently following a codecademy for Python. The real learning however is using your knowledge to create something. So in other words, any ideas for a Python project using the Raspberry Pi 2B, that I can demonstrate to my class?

Thanks in advance>

One cool thing would be if you got a second raspberry pi 2B and then make a little screen and battery. Then with Python make a cool secure "NSA proof" messaging client.

Idk though that's might be more expensive than you like

To cut down on prices you could have it connect to you smartphone or PC

Hope you find a cool project

Create some sort of web trawler that goes around downloading content from the internet based on criteria you give it? Or give it some keywords and create your own mini-reddit maybe that fetches links to articles of interest.

The classic home NAS is also an option. Make a backup server, but that's probably better done using prexisting software than rolling your own.

Currently I'm trying to learn python so I can create a script that allows me to export a playlist (based on my highest rated songs in my gmusicbrowser library) w/songs to a flashdrive so that it maintains the folder hierarchy too. Stupid simple, but a great place to start.

You can do PyQT GUI for my tenpins project. It should communicate with Arduino over RX/TX to control setting down pins and reading sensors... Just kidding, I'm having too much fun playing with RPi and Arduino myself.

But seriously now. Why don't you get yourself a few sensors, some motors and try to control your environment with code?