Python for future job

I am coming up to the end of my enlistment and have just been given an opportunity to work at an IT company, only catch aside from an honorable discharge (duh) is that I would need to learn python. I know hardware but have yet to dive fully into software beyond anything that can be accomplished by using the GUI. So, would there be some courses or how-to's I can take and do while on this deployment? Anything from a "python for dummies" level on up since I am pretty much going into this as the definition of a lamen.


There is a lot for python and python is really nice! :) is a good start. Btw. do you know if you have to work with python 2 or 3? My advise with every programming language is: it is a LANGUAGE. The only way to learn it is to use it. Try to find small educational exampleproblems and try to solve them, this will teach you a lot.

enjoy the python! is pretty good. Also, has a programming for everybody class that uses Python starting in early February. They're both free.

Aside from those, Learn Python The Hard Way is a good book and will help you get started. You should use multiple resources though, and never hesitate to ask about specific code in programming forums.

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Thanks for the feedback guys! I just got home and will start diving right in. Here's hoping I can wrap my brain around something that isn't just hardware, lol