PYJ: Post Your Jazz

Apparently @Logan doesn't like jazz.

He just needs to watch Cowboy Bebop. That'll change his mind. It's how I learned to appreciate jazz.


I played guitar in a jazz band during my junior year of high school, and we played this at the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame.

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How is it even a metaphysical possibility that Logan not like jazz? How can anyone not like Mingus?


OH, you mean JAZZ!

Perhaps some Art Blakey

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Some Horace Silver

The Seatbelts are amazing and so is Cowboy Bebop

yeaaaah. I know next to nothing about jazz (other than super popular stuff). If I find something I like, I'll post some :D

Actually I do know that John Pizzarelli kicks some level of ass. I saw him long ago on some show scatting along with the solo he was playing and it was super impressive.

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I have a fondness for Japanese jazz

Jazz is such a wide genre of music that you'll have some types that you love and some types you don't, it's pretty much a matter of finding something you like and expanding from there.

Brother Jack McDuff is something that I find very easy to listen to, something good to start your day with.

And you can never really go wrong with Herbie Hancock.

Also some sub-genres feel a bit under represented, considering how nice stuff there is, like Dark Jazz.

This thread needs way more diversity


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You want diversity you get to listen to some jazz in 13/4

Soil & pimp sessions:

Herbie and Mingus? I think I love this thread.

Let's add a little weather report.

Add might as well throw in some Jaco while I'm at it