PXELinux: Can't get CentOS 7 & oVirt 4.2 to boot via PXE


So I’m trying to boot CentOS 7 & oVirt 4.2 from PXE.

Here is my default config file for the menu:

DEFAULT      vesamenu.c32
PROMPT       0

MENU TITLE PXE Boot Menu (x64)
MENU INCLUDE pxelinux.cfg/graphics.conf
MENU AUTOBOOT Starting Local System in 8 seconds
# Option 1 - Exit PXE Linux & boot normally
LABEL bootlocal
      MENU label ^1 Boot Normally
      MENU default
      localboot 0
      timeout 80
# Option 2 - Run WDS
     MENU LABEL ^2 Windows Deployment Services - Install Windows
     KERNEL pxeboot.0
# Option 3 - Install CentOS 7 - 1804 via ISO
LABEL CentOS7-iso
     MENU LABEL ^3 Install CentOS 7 - 1804 - ISO
     KERNEL /Linux/CentOS-7_2-minimal-vmlinuz
     APPEND rootflags=loop initrd=/Linux/CentOS-7_2-minimal-initrd.img
# Option 4 - Install CentOS 7 via Web
LABEL CentOS7-web
     MENU LABEL ^4 Install CentOS 7 - 1804 - Web Download
     KERNEL /Linux/CentOS-7_2-minimal-vmlinuz
     APPEND initrd=/Linux/CentOS-72-pxeboot/initrd.img method=http://mirror.centos.org/centos/7/os/x86_64/ devfs=nomount ip=dhcp
# Option 5 - Install oVirt 4.2
LABEL oVirt42
     MENU LABEL ^5 Install oVirt 4.2
     KERNEL /Linux/ovirt-4_2-vmlinuz
     APPEND rootflags=loop initrd=/Linux/ovirt-4_2-initrd.img
# Option 6 - Exit PXE Linux
     MENU LABEL ^6 Exit
     KERNEL abortpxe.0

I’ve tried 3 different ways to get the OS Installers to run.

  1. Just use the ISO and APPEND iso or APPEND iso raw with no other options and KERNEL memdisk.
  2. Copying the initrd.img & vmlinuz from the ISO after mounting it.
  3. Using livecd-iso-to-pxeboot and then copying the initrd.img & vmlinuz it creates.

All result in dracut emergency terminal coming up due to /dev/root doesn't existerror for CentOS 7, and for oVirt 4.2, I see it fail for another reason.

Does anyone have experience with this so I can figure out what the issue is?

I can PXE boot Windows just fine with the above menu.

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