PWN Phone - Pen testers eden

Includes more than 100 open source testing tools

Pwn PhoneTM (16GB)

Before the pwnphone, I believe the most powerful mobile pen testing device was the nokia n900. Which allowed you to install a version of kali over it, or install kalintoo / ubuntu and use the entire hacking platform. Unfortunately, the n900 is old and outdated and slow, because of this, I believe that the pwnphone is the best thing we have right now.

I personally wouldn't buy this, until I was absolutely comfortable with all the tools in the kali suite. I know only a few of them... like aircrack/airreplay-ng .

This is the coolest profession around imo. Getting paid to break into networks and access data... obviously as a white hat.

Just wanted to post this here, because I saw this on Mr. Robot. They use things like Rubber Ducky / Wifi Pineapple from hak5 store additionally.

The store has a lot of other devices which are also helpful.

also just wanted to share this...

I found someone that did this awhile ago, that used his own program that he made and instead of using an external gps tracker, he was able to tether his phone and use google's gps. This is really crazy interesting to me... probably illegal, but yet... I wonder if you could stitch together all the open networks in a sub division and create a mesh. Then you'd be able to hop from one PC to another, to another, etc. The whole subdivision could be under your control, granted if you are able to crack WPA2, etc from the open networks nearby.

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I had pwnie express on my nexus 7 tablet until it hit the ground breaking =(. Was a fun distro to use. But for me as hobbyist its prohibitive expensive to get a pwnphone

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Yeah I agree. I wouldn't buy the phone, unless it was my job to break into these networks, and I knew every single thing about every tool on that device. If that was the case, then it's totally worth it. Otherwise, it seems like a waste of money, since you don't want to use it to learn about the tools, or experiment with them.

BTW, is there a custom OS I can flash the ROM with in the NEXUS 7 to use the kali tools? I have a nexus 7 but I don't use it much, so this would be perfect.

For sh*ts and giggles I put NetHunter on my Nexus 7 (as it is otherwise pretty useless) and also got the adapter to use an external USB wifi dongle but I didn't really do anything with it after that.

I still have the Nexus 7 with a dual boot setup with CM 11 I believe (anything newer and the 7 just crawls) and NetHunder but the 7 just sits there collecting dust...

NetHunter is maintained by Offensive Security who also maintains the Kali distro and loads onto a lot of Nexus devices and the oneplusone, check it out

I guess like a free limited capability intro version of what the pwnieexpress systems offer.

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Don't buy the PWN phone if your on a budget its literally a Nexus 5 with a custom version of android if you want a cheaper version you can buy a Nexus 4 or 5 or a One Plus one and install Kali net-hunter. I'm currently using my Nexus 5 and 7 with Kali nethunter