PWM repeater hub

Hey fellas, I got a Corsair Carbide 678c and it has a pwm repeater on it but I can’t get the fans to work. There are 2 cables on it and I’m not sure where I’m supposed to plug them in. My motherboard is a Asus rog strix z490-a

Pretty sure there is a manual going with that case or hub…?

Usually there is also one connector on the hubs that is marked as the signal “intake” and one that serves as the RPM readout.

The fan hub comes pre-wired in all the pictures and reviews I have seen… You seems to have 2 wires outside the fans - one for PWM signal and the other one for power. My guess is the power is SATA.
I don’t see where any confusion may come from.
If the fans are not running and everything is plugged properly you may have faulty fan hub…

And a little bit off topic, but damn, Corsair blatantly stole the decade old hard drive mounting system of the beQuiet! cases :smiley:


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