Putting together a CS:GO Team

I am putting together a CS:GO 5 man team. We will be playing comp matchmaking and eventually joining a league once we build some chemistry. As of now it is me and my friend Middle, we are both Gold Nova IV. If you want to trial with us, make sure you are at least our rank. We both have less than 100 hours played and we are already almost AKs, and we both come from a comp Battlefield background. We know what we are doing. We also have our own TeamSpeak 3 server. Anyone interested?

I'm Gold Nova III and I'll totally play with you guys. Where are guys based in, because I'm in Texas, and I'm not sure if that'll affect ping or anything.


I'd be down to play some games with you guys.  I'm a DMG but I don't really care about playing with lower ranks.  I just added you on steam, I should be playing later tonight.


I'm also in North Carolina so ping shouldn't be a problem. 

I would love to but im only silver elite :(

I will play sometime me and my friends are AK1s and AK2s

my steam is on my profile