Putting out an APB for CAT6A equipment

Equipment Needed

• CAT6A Fully Shield Cables (Preferably precut and terminated to standard see lengths below WHOLESALE IS OK TOO
• CAT6A Fully Shielded Inline couplers (Not just keystones) (45 degree is preferred if not straights will be fine and dandy)
• Good gigabit switch (<= 8+ ports)(Optional as I have two routers I can repurpose)
• IF wholesale cable was your go to for the cabling can you provide me some Rj-45 Shielded terminators and crimp tools that conform to the CAT6A standard please

Just need some sources and opinions/reviews from some people far more experienced in this than I.
I do have a desire to conform to the CAT6A standard in terms of performance and crosstalk. Unfortunately I will need shielding due to it being ran right next to power lines in the building. Plus Id like to have the shielding since they are generally higher quality from what I have read.

If any of you know good sources excluding monoprice because their prices are actually higher I have found for similar lengths elsewhere.

Ive done my research but with all research comes doubts such as ... Well I want to conform to standard but what if this particular product despite what it says.... doesnt do so.. or does someone know of a lower price than I do.. etc... I would just like to open up this small wiring project to the community... One of the 20ft cables will be running 10gbe in the future as the computer might just get one of the cards for kicks and giggles.

Also the necessity for shielded is justified because 3 of the cables will be carrying AV signals.. which as you know would be a bit susceptible to the alien crosstalk :) I also want to be pretty future proof. Just saying

I am currently out of town so I will be checking this periodically... Sorry if I dont respond soon... I will be out of town until probably June 15th... Apologizing in advance.

THANKS again in advance,

**Also if you can find S/STP shielding for a good price that would be glorious lols...

Lengths needed ## If not going for wholesale cable and crimpers

• 4 25 feet cables
• 3 75-100 feet cables (Better safe than sorry go for 100 first)
• 1 50 ft cable

I know you want some CAT6A but Shielded CAT6A is terribly thick and harder to handle. With such short runs CAT6 would get you 10 gig. Shielded cable is great in all and honesty unless you have High EMF equipment then its probably not going to help you too much. Also dont forget that you need a drain path for the shielding. You cant just put Shielded cable and think it will be ok. You need a Patch panel that has a earth grounding rod to properly drain otherwise you just created a large antenna with your cable.

You mention 3 are carrying AV signals, are you trying to do HDMI over Ethernet? If so I would look into HDBaseT. Its very good and reliable for an HDMI signal.

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Yes it will be properly drained... I already have those... and I may look into HDBaseT however I have already bought several cat7 cables and am quite pleased with the... and they are connected to a ground :D.. thank you so much for your thought. nobody answered it for a while so most decisions were made but hey I will look into HDBaseT