Putting Out A Call: Any one have an Epson WorkForce WF-2750 Printer, I need your help

I built a keyboard recently and I have an idea but need some help. The keyboard in question is a Planck.

If you will excuse the pun, it is a blank Planck. Sorry. I am familiar with regular staggered layout qwerty keyboard and use a blank one daily, but I can’t do that with a Planck yet and I have a solution

DIY Dye Sub Legends!

I have dyed whole caps before quite successfully, though never done lettering on caps. I would love to make a set for my Planck and post a tutorial on how to do it just for future knowledge and to get myself a 1 of 1 set of caps.

What I need that I do not have and am not really able to/willing to get at the current time is an Epson WorkForce WF-2750 All In One Printer and some certain paper that works for dye sub ink transfer.

From this post on Reddit is what I am following;

I don’t know anything about printing but I have 3 printer in my house already and I can’t justify $€£200ish for what amounts to maybe 2 A4 sheets of printing for one odd ball task. So If I can find someone with the Printer I need or advise me on if any of the 3 printers I have can do what I need that would save a lot of time and waste, and be cool and educational.

This is a dead Ebay link but it is the one from the reddit guide to cut the search time down;

I am not sure about the Paper yet either. I have more reading to do for sure but any help would be awesome. I am proposing printing the bits I need, I can buy the paper if it is specialised and I will pay for postage to send it all round to me eventually.

Looks like I can use this paper;

I don’t know if that will work with any of my printers, it says you need sublimation ink specifically and that is what I have no clue about.

This could be the ink refill for the Epson printer, but not sure as I don’t have one;

No idea where you’re located, but can’t you find a local printing shop to do the printing for you? I know it’s a rather specialized task, but won’t hurt asking!

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How certain are you that you need that printer model? Wouldn’t just any refillable printer do? Maybe just buy some (used) ink cartridges for one of your printers, and try filling them with the special ink? I don’t see a reason why the ink or the special paper should only work in certain printers.

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Yeah this I am not sure about I would love to know what it is that makes certain printers useful for this. If one of mine is already then that’s great. But I need to look into it further first.

@Dutch_Master Yeah I did try before but again it was lack of knowledge of what made the process work that stalled the plan. I know a bit more already now. If I get the paper at least I can ask them to give it a go.

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