Putting my (old) HDD in a new PC?

Wasn't quite sure where to put this post, but the HDD & SSD section looked good. I purchased a prebuilt Lenovo about a year ago, I added a new GPU and PSU, to play some games. The time has come to upgrade, though. I have all my games and OS stored on a HDD and I was wondering, if I take out the HDD and put it in a, basically, completely different PC, would I be able to boot off of it normally? I'm sure I would have to re-run some diagnostics and stuff, but I don't want to have to wipe it and reinstall everything for this new build. Thanks!

Put simply, no.

The HDD with your OS still has all the original drivers from the prebuilt computer, so the OS will be loading drivers that would most likely not exist on your new rig.

As a result, the OS will probably give you a BSOD upon boot.

It would be easier to transfer your games to an external drive, then clean install a new copy of windows.