Putting custom rom on an android tripple sim s4 dual core clone. (S20 GT-H9503) And which program do you recommend for rooting?

So, I know there is always the chance that it maybe breaks, that's why I will also contact the seller about the boot loader being locked, or unlocked.




The program I intend to use:




or something else that could work better.


Do some of you guys know if dual, or triple (the one I am going to buy is triple) sim phones are going to have more trouble getting a custom rom on them, or do I only have to worry about the boot loader?






Edit: I haven't bought the phone yet.

I used framaroot from xda developers. I suggest you hit their site and do some research.

I've been typing on google stuff like:

"dual sim phone install andoid"

"dual sim custom install"

"triple sim andoid install"


But I've not found specific answers yet. But with investing more time maybe I will find it. Maybe I have to dig more in these forums. Hm........

+1 on xda, that's the place to go.

I will let you guys know if I succeeded, or didn't try at all due to it not letting me. But it will take maybe a month or so to even try it out, because the delivery can take up to 23 days.

I have a mtk6572 h9503 galaxy s4 clone. I was able to successfully root it using this method.    

First I downloaded and installed universal adb driver by koush. (Google Adb Koush) 

Then i followed this tutorial using root genius. (Skip the steps that tell you where to get drivers)


If anyone is able to flash a custom ROM please share. I have successfully rooted the device and confirmed with root checker. My next step is flashing a new recovery. I will share my findings.

Thank you for your input. I have not done it yet, and I've decided to go with the newman K1B. If I do such things, I will definitely post it. Especially, because the resources are more scarce for china phones on the internet.

Unless someone has made a ROM and recovery for it you might have problems with compatibility. But also on XDA there are plenty of tutorials and help on cooking your own ROM.

Yeah, I was thinkning about that. Sometime perhaps ;).

Thanks :).