Putting a GPU in this?


 Edit: He bought this about 6 months ago. ^

My buddy likes Minecraft and hosts his own server with a pretty decent amount of plugins; would it be worth investing in a GPU to help performance? and if so I could definitely use suggestions.. I don't even know where to start!


Also let me add that you guys are a great community and have helped me so much and I just want to say Thank You.

Just a cheap one, maybe a 7700 

Well.. I tried looking for awhile myself but everything I looked at needed at least a 400w PSU... I think one of them was a Radeon HD 4560 too :/

at that point i'd say its not worth it unless you can get a used gpu/psu for a low price.  Its probably time to upgraded if you want to really game.

I asked and he just wants to be able to host and play his minecraft server at the same time.. as long as he can do that without any problems hes happy..

Gtx 750 only uses 60w

there's GPUs he can buy... sure... but it's a pretty weak system to be installing an aftermarket GPU in... I wouldn't drop more than $100 on a GPU unless he's planning a rebuild soon... minecraft doesn't need much of a GPU anyhow...

For the server a gpu will not affect the performance but for the game it will. When you host a minecraft server it is all about the ram. Ssds and a better cpu will help it a little but not much.


Well.. if he plays Minecraft and Hosts the server at the same time then the server lags, lags a lot if another person gets on with him... It sounds like he's thinking about building a new rid though

yea... GPUwon't help server lag... a cpu (which would require a mobo)/ssd/ram would... so if that's the problem he's trying to fix I'd recommend a rebuild 


As seen in this video, this 750 Ti can be a standalone upgrade.


So you are telling me your buddy bought that EXACT computer 6 months ago?