Put Linux on this bad boy?

My dads friend got one of these and saw it in action, looks pretty slick and wondered about what your guy's thoughts were.

Link: http://www.amazon.com/Vensmile-TM-iPC002-Quad-core-Bluetooth/dp/B00REGG6QU

You could try to run linux on it. I would, since it will be more light weight. But it all depends on what you are going to use it for. Neat little device.

Looks like it would make a nice little media PC.

I will run Linux if it has an Updated 64bit UEFI if it still has 32bit you will have to use an old version of rEFInd for old 32bit Macs

Yeah it looks like a regular bios instead of uefi, I would like to get one but want to see it running linux in action.

Why wouldn't it work? It's standard Bay Trail Atom, nothing exotic. Linux should work fine on it. The only thing that might be problematic is the integrated wireless, especially if it is some broadcom crap, but even that is usually solvable.


because GRUB only supports 64 bit UEFI if the Baytrail SOC has a 32 UEFI (some do) you will have to use rEEFInd because it supports it.

thank you all for the info

Thanks for explanation... Shouldn't be too much of a problem anyway, though...

Some of these cheap Windows 8 tablets don't play so well with driver support (mention because they are same spec as device your looking at) but since this doesn't have any touch and (should) have a standard USB chipset it shouldn't be an issue.