Put in a new mobo and now there's no audio

I posted this in r/techsupport but figured I might try here as well.

I recently got a ASUS P8P67 EVO mobo and installed it into a new case with the same HDD I used previously for a year. The HDD came with a stock Dell computer, so it still has all of the Dell bloatware. I run Windows 8.1 and the speakers I use are Logitech Z130.

When I installed the mobo and booted it, I noticed that the audio notification button on the taskbar has a red cross on it. I installed the Realtek driver for the mobo successfully but there is still no audio coming from my speakers.

When I pressed the audio notification, it auto-troubleshootes and tells me that the audio device is disabled. But my speakers are plugged in correctly.

I've used these speakers on my old Dell computer and when I first plugged it in, it brought up the Dell Audio application. Since I replaced the mobo, I cannot access the Dell Audio application even though it is still in my HDD. Could this be interfering with the audio?


It says the audio device is disabled? Then you need to enable it. It isn't your speakers it is the sound hardware on your motherboard you need to enable.

Open up Control Panel then Hardware and Sound then click Sound. Under the Playback tab find the device. Probably something like "Realtek High Definition Audio" Double Click it. In the dialogue box that appears you will see a drop down menu that is labeled "Device Usage." Select "Use this Device." Then OK and then OK to close the boxes.

Should work then. If not post back here.

Did all of that and it still won't work.

I found another sound software that I recognize from tinkering around with on my Dell. It's called CONEXANT. The mobo I have now uses Realtek. Should I uninstall that CONEXANT application?

When replacing the motherboard, it's best to just do a fresh Windows install.  It helps avoid little issues like this.  So if you can do this (back up anything you don't want to lose), then you should.  That said, you should make sure all your old drivers are uninstalled, and yeah.  Get rid of Conexant.  It's an audio suite which likely includes drivers.  Then reinstall the Realtek drivers.

so you replaced your motherboard, without new drivers installations?

i would say, download the newest audio drivers from the asus website.

Did you make the enabled Realtek audio the default device and disable all other sources? 

Reinstalled Windows and the audio is back. Thanks for the help.

No sweat.  Glad you got it working.