I was introduced to this great little app today - Pushbullet.

Never miss another phone call or text message again while using your computer!

Pushbullet automatically shows you all of your phone's notifications right on your computer. This means you can see who's calling or read and reply to text messages even if your phone is on silent or in another room.


Pushbullet also makes it easy to send pictures, files, links, and more to your devices and even to friends.

Sending things with Pushbullet is the easiest way to share things between your devices:

•  Push a link to your phone by just right-clicking on it on your computer. You can then go right to the link by tapping on the notification.

• Send pictures and other files to your phone wirelessly from your computer and open them right from the notification. No more digging things out of your email inbox or Dropbox.

• Send any address over to your phone so you can get right into Google Maps instead of having to look it up again on your phone.

• Put a todo list right in your notification tray and check of items as you go.


Pushbullet looks and works great on tablets too.

Holy shit this is amazing, or atleast has the potential to be amazing.


I have been looking for something like this (mostly in terms of text functionality). I havent found a way to be able to reply to texts on my tablet, it appears replying to texts is limited to just your PC. Also it would be nice to be able to reopen the texts after "dismissing" them.

Yup I have known about it for a year or so but started using it last month. It really is incredibly helpful. And they have quite a few options as to his you want to do thing as where to send things. It is just very well thought out.

Going to be one of these must haves for my android setup now on. 

I've been using it for about 3months now. AWESOME and works really well.

I have noticed a large sending delay time when sending large files though. I think the issue with that is because it pushes it to their cloud first and then back to your device, as all pushes are view-able on their site once you logon.

I tried using pushbullet and gave up when things stopped working 

I've been using it for a while now. It's alright but it doesn't have much going for it in the options department.

As in I would like to be able to set it to notify me that I am getting a call but not tell me who is calling and more importantly tell me I have received a message and NOT display that message - Sometimes I let people use my computer I don't want my messages being read out to them every time I've got one.

More options are definitely needed. Show/Hide Caller ID, Show/Hide Message Contents, Show/Hide Message Sender, all easily turned on and off you you can turn it back on when it's you at the computer.. In fact maybe they should just have one button that puts it into "Privacy Mode" that would be nice.

Other than that easily sending images and the like to my phone is great. Really love the copy and paste feature.


When I first heard about it I thought it was just a notification system like what we already have on our phones but that brings those notification icons to your windows task bar, I would like to hear about it if anyone has heard of something like this. Just icons in the notifications area of system tray to show missed calls, texts and whatever other notifications you want.

:3 It's for Windows Phone he he. Finally a app that you guys recommend I can use!

thanks guys, i started using pushbullet on my OPO, and it is AWESOME! 

thank you!