Push/Pull on CM Evo 212 Same Fan Speed

I recently picked up a Cooler Master Evo 212 cooler and I am in the process of planning out some case/CPU cooling. Anyone have experience in setting up a push/pull on this or related coolers. My main question is did you take into consideration or how did you ensure that fan speed could be redundant on both the main CPU fan and the additional fan. I have two extra 4 pins connectors on my Motherboard (gigabyte ga-x79-ud3 ), is their a nice way to setup one of those 4 pin sys fans to mimic the CPU. In theory it shouldn't matter, but I would like to avoid the fans spinning at different RPMS, as it is not the best thing in the world to have you fans being subject to forces other than what they are creating by spinning. Also any advice on how the stock CM fan with the Evo performs (noise/flow ect.) and what would be a good replacement set? 

You should be able to get a Y-fan splitter. They cost coins/pennies/cents. Connect both fans to the CPU fan header.

Any issues with current though? As those would both be connected to a  presumably fused Motherboard connector, couldn't there be some issues with insufficent starting current, or too much load, which can kill the fuse? 

If you refer to the motherboard manual it will tell you how many fans your headers can support. The supply of power is sufficient for up to ten, usually

Yeah I was looking throught it and it only mentioned that the headers existed and not capabilties. It isproabably premature anyway to think about, as I plan on just trying a bunch of different fan configs and seeing what works. Anyway thanks for your help man, I will probably just pick up a Y to try it out anyway.