Push/Pull and intake/exhaust

I did a Prime95 test on my Xeon E3-1230v3 and I was hitting around 65 degrees C with a push configuration on my H50, 2 intake fans in the front and 1 bottom,  2 exhaust fans on top + the radiator fan in the rear.

I added an extra fan to the radiator to make it push/pull and switched the two top fans to intakes. I now have 5 intake fans and just the radiator and two HD 7970's as exhausts. My temperatures dropped by about 6 degrees C consistently after a decent length test with both configurations.

I always thought that push/pull didn't do that much and that you shouldn't have a disproportionate amount of intake/exhaust fans. Thoughts anyone?

As far as I understand it - more fans on intake means higher pressure inside the case and less dust and other particles being brought into the case.  

As for the push vs pull vs push/pull - usually it is of real benefit to push/pull on thick core radiators where airflow is reduced due to interference.

Ideally you want front and bottom fans on intake and top fans or rear to exhaust - reason being hot air rises

The drop in temperature is more likely due to the top fans blowing in allowing the rad to intake cool air that has not traveled through the case. then the rad having a push pull config.