Punkbuster Help

so i know battlefield servers are down and all but just for the fun and heck of it i whent to see if i was not banned from punkbuster i only play on punkbuster servers and when i join a server i get in but then it disconnects me this got me worried because many people could play for longer than i could. when i checked my log it said "Service communication error: PnkBstrB.exe handshaking failed dose this mean i am banned? if i am tell me how to get unbanned i dont use hacks or have been banned from a server. Plese help me

Go into your Battlefield folder, and you should see an exe file named pbsvc. Run that, and try to play again. Everytime I play it I have to do that, mostly because of a reason I am the cause of. Not for the error you are getting, but a similar one.