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PUMA releases gaming shoes

Open your wallet boys.

Let the no RGB comments commence.


Huh, so this is why I suck in LoL, I don’t wear right shoes.


why would you use shoes to game?

is this an american thing I’m too not-american to understand?


One better… Not even shoes but SOCKS!

@dern0s Puma are German…

3D knit for sock-like fit

layered mesh for breathable comfort

split bottom for flexibility

ultimate grip indoor rubber

3D molded insoles made of dual density foam

It’s a brave, new world, gentlemen (and ladies?).


And here I’ve been playing in my bare feet like a caveman. I obviously need these shoes and the new Louis Vuitton line of clothes.

Maybe someone should talk to Luxottica about making RGB gamer frames.

We do already have Gunnar optics, that was a huge laugh when I told them (them being aquaintences that were being super smug about how they would be so much better at LOL now they have them) about F.Lux and now it is built into most OSs in some form.

what the hell… socks?

but still better than shoes tho

makes sense if you’re in a cold place

Like the basement?

Or maybe the frosty heights of the eSports ivory tower.

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They’re mostly meant for indoor esports arrangements and LAN parties.

Personally I’d roll with these


At DreamHack and the last two Quakecon events I wore these bad boys

Are there yet, and if not can I get, some GAMING crocs?

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I was like you once. I scoffed at the idea of a shoe designed specifically for gaming. But the moment I slipped on my first pair of gaming shoes, I realized I’d been terribly wrong.

You can almost hear the dollar signs.

And from Polygon’s article:

Medial wrap-up grip in SEEK mode
Lateral wrap-up support in ATTACK mode
Heel wrap-up stability in CRUISE and DEFENSE mode

Seems like Polygon wasn’t paid as much as Vice. Way less endorsing.

What a fucking joke. “Active Gaming” my ass.

They even have a “game seat”.

At least Razer’s toaster will have RGB.


Those three modes are actually from Pumas marketing, the register noted them as well and cannot work what they are supposed to mean at all.

The “Playseat” looks and sound like it is for a very different sort of play time.


It’s just marketing bullshit. There’s absolutely no meaning behind this other than to “sound cool” and to fool the gullible.

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As someone from Germany:

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That’s amazingly retarded…

But, why?