Publishing a "changelog"

I need to set up som mean for communicating changes in network infrastructure to users. This could be stuff like tuning of wireless settings or some firewall feature.

Currently major changes have been included in weekly community e-mails but the space I'm allocated there is rather limited and the vast majority of users don't care much about it.

To give an example we will be deploying new access points that can run 2.4 and 5 GHz radios but can also switch to dual 5 GHz radios (without 2.4) which allows for better handling of clients in a high density scenario while a nearby AP can handle (legacy) 2.4 clients. I'm going to want to communicate this with some comments on impact and if someone runs into issues they can refer to the article and we can do further tuning or change something back.

I was thinking about using a tool like wordpress or wiki for this but I figured someone here might have done something similar and could share their wisdom. I'm also going to want to lock it down but I can do that with htaccess for example.

it you're gonna use wordpress, then use WordFence along side it.

Can I ask what sort of people is this for? If it is for a group of IT people then what I deployed in my work place was called Confluence, which is a kind of wiki type thing where we create everything from change-logs to pages on how to setup fresh Intel NUC's for the office. The IT team has access to it but the others who work here (Finance people) do not. It really just depends on what sort of clients it needs to serve!

Bit more information and I might be able ot help more but I hope this was a start.

It's a client's clients in an office complex and it's a mixed crowd but some are very IT savvy and some are not so much but I can't really manage user accounts in this case so I think Confluence isn't really what I'm looking for.

I've seen WordFence before but is premium the way to go or does the free version also make sense?

free version works great. Only get the premium version if there are features that you absolutely need. But the free one gets the job done just fine.

This is a hard question to answer as there are really no great change management applications out there and the ones that are are baked in to other software or really expensive.

I have good ideas on building one but until I learn python to a better degree I can't put it together.

That said, if you find something let me know. Right now we just have a mail group that you submit your change management logs to that are then reviewed. If approved it's added to a list and that list is emailed out on Friday to the i.t. staff.

Alright, thanks for the input. It will probably be WP with PHPMailer patched of course :)