Public Service Announcement for Ubuntu UEFI boot problems

For those of you, who like me, may be pulling their hair out over problems getting your linux distro to boot with a UEFI motherboard, and are running a system based on the Ubuntu fork of Linux (Ubuntu, Linux Mint, etc.) I have found a solution after a week of searching different terms in Google.

I found this forum post and I have to say it fixed all my issues right away. There is one thing that you should change (at least I had to). Under advanced options you need to go to the GRUB Location tab and choose the "seperate /boot/efi partition" option. That should fix your efi boot partition and also link your Windows installation (if you have it) to that boot as well.

Just figured I'd post this here so if anyone comes along with this issue they'll hopefully find this post instead of starting another or spending god awful amounts of time trying to find such a simple solution.

I didn't bother to check for a general guide for any distro, so maybe those of you with other distros that come across this problem could use this as well, but I'm not sure.

I never had these problems. I'm glad you got a fix, though.