Public Activism on S.J Res 34 (Selling your internet history)

I'm not sure if anyone has seen this, since it just recently showed on Reddit for me, but I wanted to share it.

It would be awesome if something like this succeeded and communities could band together to make it happen. I always think politicians who are inept with technology don't realize the precedents that they set.

Note- the website was working, but I think it's seeing a lot of traffic. It would be awesome if the community of enthusiast would be able to prop this project up from a technical standpoint.


If the bill passes and in it's final form signed by trump they don't have a politician clause, You think that the people should buy the politician's history for those who voted for the bill? I think that would be fun.

I should start a VPN company.

Those will surely will be on the rise.

I can be an overnight millionaire.

Easy money.


The masses don't care about their privacy though, sadly.

"I have nothing to hide so I don't care" is the buzz word of the day.



That's what the initial posting was about, if you get to the website there is a go fund me out there to raise money to buy the politicians browsing history. The end goal would be to create a searchable database with all of there information. "They have nothing to hide"

I think this is a fantastic idea.




Here's another thing that you should do. Look up the politicians who were in favor of selling your browsing history to advertisers and compare that with their statements made about the NSA spying back in the day. That should be fun.


Now I'm kind of excited for this bill, who do you guys think I should pick. I think Mitch McConnell would be an internet creep.

Oh look at what I found on Reddit. More than 8 million between all together.

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Is this the same campaign, coincidentally similar or a copycat?

'Since Congress has made our privacy a commodity, let’s band together to buy THEIR privacy.
This GoFundMe will pay to purchase the data of Donald Trump and every Congressperson who voted for SJR34, and to make it publicly available. '

there are like 4 copycat's. The way to buy the data would be to create an advertising agency and buying data from the ISP's where you know the congressmen live. You can't buy it outright and there is always a way to find people.

I remember reading an article last night about the owner (creator, whatever) of Cards Against Humanity saying that he'd buy and publish congress internet history. sauce.

This would be funny and good.

In the mean time, this has finally fueled me to VPN my entire network. When you think about it, a VPN really is the solution to this sort of problem. I pay $30 a year or so for access to one. I just hope that I don't run into too many problems with my work VPN.

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