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PUBG Ransomware Decrypts Your Files If You Play PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds



PUBG Ransomware
Your files, images, musics, documents are Encrypted!

Your files is encrypted by PUBG Ransomware!
but don’t worry! It is not hard to unlock it.
I don’t want money!
Just play PUBG 1Hours!

Or Restore code is [ s2acxx56a2sae5fjh5k2gb5s2e ]

Running any .exe called TslGame.exe for 3 seconds will decrypt files


Marketing taking to a new level


Linux operating systems can still get ransomware.


Ok then use amiga kek


Lol Fornite killing PUBG so badly they need to engineer malware to force people to play the game.

Next level kek.


That ransomware would be the worst possible torture for me, i hate PUBG…


They could at least make it so you have to beat them at a match to unlock it.


This ransomware better have achievements or no one will play it


Got my renamed calc.exe on my tool box USB drive now^^