Pubg parody free for the next few days

Was browsing Google now news feed while I am laying in bed and it showed me this

The price will become $5 after 100 hours have passed since the games launch. Might be good for people that like free stuff and/or like to gather games and sit on them and never play them. I have not played but I will look into to it tomorrow.

If anyone tries it let me know if it’s a waste of time?


I thought Fortnite was already a parody? :thinking:


You mean HD Remaster… Right.

Meh, I will pass it along thanks, I have no interest in this personally.

[edit] well, looks like I dun effed up, and carent read gud.
Thanks @KleerKut

“Free forever if you get the game in the first 100 hours!” - First line under ‘About this game’


Game appears to be taken down :frowning:

It is still up

menu sound is actually pretty good

there, you can show how much you know about linux

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Yes it’s a complete sentence you dolt of a forum software!

Ok so there supposedly is multiplayer but this is happening

however there is an offline shooting range where you have every gun and accessory, and it seems I can put every part on every gun so this is a suppressed flintlock musket with a laser sight and a 8 x scope…


Alright, I downloaded it last night but now I have to actually try it…

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@anon4458306 maybe your NUC can play this

ill give it a shot

What an odd little game. Try the G key.

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Any updated reviews guys? lol I got it but have to download it and actually try it out yet.

I haven’t had much time for gaming lately, and when I do I’ve been pushing through Doom since it’s a nice distraction. I don’t do much online gaming at all. The physics are a little weird IMO but that might just be me. I’d say just install it and give the intro map a run-around. Lots of customization on the weapons and I didn’t get a great feel for it but I’m sure that just takes a little getting used to.

It’s an extremely goofy take on a battle Royale. The whole point of the game is the janky movement, but once you can explain that, you’re unstoppable. It looks fun, I’ve seen a few Twitch streamers play and love it.

This is what makes the game fun, imo.