Psyonix is Joining the Epic Family!

Psyonics, the creator and owner of the super popular and brilliantly built game Rocket League is joining EPIC games.
They state that development and feature updates to RL will remain unchanged and will be even better in the future because of the experience that Epic games bring to the table.

One tiny thing, though.

Editor’s Note: We wanted to clarify something for you after today’s news: Rocket League is and remains available on Steam.

Good. Seems nice.

Anyone who owns Rocket League through Steam can still play it and can look forward to continued support. Thanks!

Whoops. What a politically correct thing to say.
But what about if potential new players want to buy the game on steam, like @psycho_666 for example, in the future? Since the company is to be owned by Epic it will most definitely be available on the Epic Store, but will it be removed from the Steam Store? We’ll just have to wait and see about that.

Here’s the Verge’s scoop about this:

Whoops, addendum: What about some other games that Psyonics have in development? Will they be exclusives for Epic?



Now that this is happening a new question arises. With a game so long supported and continuing in development of patches, free content and DLC no longer gaining money from steam how long before they pull all support for it and force people on to the EPIC launch for further updates.


nah the idea is to keep all new patches and dlc’s available for the existing users ( because they are more than what epic will have ) and make it exclusive for new users.

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I know that’s what they are saying but I don’t expect it to hold true. For a while sure but at some.point the argument that itnis costing them too much to keep supporting the Steam version will crop up I just wonder when that is.

In the long run I am guessing they will wait until the userbase is smaller than on Epic store. then they will “force them” as they will have the argument that is no longer worth it.

Very nice inclusion… Very clean and so on…
Anyways, EPIC reminds me of WCW back in the day (wrestling analogy)…
They spent obscene amount of money to get the best talent and then bankrupted because it was massively unsustainable spendings…
I really hope EPIC goes the same way…


Nah, EPIC’s practices are unsustainable in the long run and they’re aware of it. This initial push to get themselves started is strong but they’re not so stupid as to bankrupt themselves by it. Not every game they finance is going to be a bestseller.
Steam has work to do and games to make. While they do still have the upper hand for now, they will soon start falling back if they don’t do something concrete. Like Portal 3 and HL3…ok, maybe I’m wishing for the impossible, but the point remains.


I haven’t seen the video yet, but if this is true are they planningto remove it from the MS store as well? Does GoG offer it?

The Transformers footage is usually used when Jim talks about EA (Unicronic Arts) and I think that is very intentional here. Because Epic tries to become a competitor for them, Epic wants to be more of a publisher, storefront and … an empire basically than just stick to being the devs of a well known engine and some games.

I just honestly hope the Fortnite money runs out before they accomplish that goal.

GOG does not offer Rocket League. Not sure about the MS store because I don’t know how deeply X-Box might be connected to that.

GamingOnLinux article:




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How long until enough people get pissed off enough to do something that gets attention outside of the gaming scene?

I really wonder what will happen to patches/updates for the steam customers. If support gets dropped, that is a lawsuit.

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Epic are playing very dirty…
It’s one thing to release exclusive new games, but removing games from other stores - that is some high quality cow poop…


Just when Steam was supporting gaming on Linux we get another platform that doesn’t even know Linux exists… oh boy… that’s sad…


What do you mean?

They said that the steam version will continue to have updates, patches and content support in the future. I would imagine RL Steam community is quite large, since the game first launched on the platform and removing the support would just decimate the player base beyond what they could afford in any realistic way.

Agreed. But the fact remains that it’s their property now and they have the authority to do what they please…This sort of practice was why I shut my epic account for.

Well, Steam is going to support Linux more and more in the future, there’s no stopping that just because someone else came to the party.


I don’t see people suing Valve for not patching half life.


EU regulations state, that a product (no mention of hardware or software) after sale is owned (= useable in full extent) by the customer.
Dropping support without providing a refund/compensation or ensuring the product remains useable (by patching an “offline mode” or providing the server side software) is illegal.

For the law, going to your house and taking your fridge when it goes EOL in production and shutting down the server making software unuseable is the same.
You have a right to use the product you bought at the conditions you accepted at purchase.


Yeah sure. that doesn’t give you any right to get unlimited updates and patches.

You’ll also find for online games that simply doesn’t work they way you think it does. If a company shuts down an online game, your not automatically entitled to a refund.

Never claimed that.
All they have to do is enable every customer to do what is done server side when it does go EOL.

Depends on the licence. In many cases, the EULA is overruled by EU law and so most of the time, you are.
In streaming situations (think Netflix, Itunes and Google Stadia), you are SOL though.

I should have been more specific:

I’m ultra salty for Borderlands 3 my man

Talking bout Epic’s exclusives

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