Psychologic help for programmers

I was among the top 5% of my classroom during my Computer Science bachelor, but I'm really sucking at putting things in practice now that I'm working full time. I feel like I'm not being able to develop myself as a professional programmer and I don't know why. It really bothers me that I find even the interns on the company, who haven't even finished college, way better than me when it comes to seeing the system as a whole and putting ideas to practice.

To make things worse, on the trimestral evaluations on the company my superiors don't have much to complain about me, other than I'm not willing to take higher responsibilities. But how could I if I don't feel like I'm rocking at the stuff I'm currently doing?

My own diagnosis is that I don't know much as I think I should. In fact, I'd say I don't remember 1/10th of what I've learned seen in college and that really drives me nuts. So how should I approach on finding out what should I study and research on those topics?


theres some wisdoms in the phrase "fake it till you make it"

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Everyone feels like that when leaving college/university. The point of studies is not to teach the things you should know but to give you a method of learning them whenever you need to. At least that is what it should do. SO you are not supposed to know stuff when you finish your studies. At the begging you are always lost and you usually end up with a textbook in hand. Its natural. And that happens in every new job that has things completely new for you. No matter the experience.

If you feel you lack knowledge just study it a bit. Go back to your text book and do a recap. If you feel you miss on system understanding then try and study a bit a system theory. DO a project in your free time that you enjoy and on the same time train your self in problem solving. Like an a arduino project if you are into Real-time systems and so on. Do not worry too much about it. You will get there.


Don't waste time feeling discouraged, or your fears will become a harsh reality.

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L**S**D at low doses may help, does me. First educate your self on the lore though. Yes lore. - for example.

exacty that!

I think you underestimate what you can accomplish and feel like someone who has ”fallen through the system“ - ending up where you are just with luck. But that is not true. Everyone who is able to finish a high education course like this has proven that he is (in a statistical/probabilistic way) able to solve most of the problems he gets. You are likely to do good work.
This is totally different from knowing stuff. Of course you have to get into everything at your new workplace and of course this will take time. But it will come on it's own.

Keep calm and just spend your time with interesting/meaningful stuff! :)

Thanks for the help guys, I guess it's time to admit I still have to study

Also check "Imposter Syndrome", it's relatively common within engineering and science.

I suppose a lot of people feel like this when they're getting out of collage. When I started working full-time I had similar issues. I found the key to be a diverse, balanced lifestyle. When you're done with work, try exercising, particularly outside activities like running or cycling (personal preference, I like the fresh air after a day in the office, suppose that's healthy too). I've also noticed that I feel a lot better if I don't drink too much coffee, the caffeine numbs my brain.

The above things + healthy food will probably get you a long way. Remember, the brain works at it's best when you're doing diverse activities!