Which of these would be best or are there any others that you would reccomend around that price and Wattage?



OCZ ModXStream 700W

I can't see much to pick between them as all 3 are 80+ Bronze and are around the same price. And all have something over the other that might make it better. The first being cheaper, second having more power and the third being modular. 

Thanks for any help that you can give, its always appreciated and you are always supportive, thanks!

ModXtrene is modular, so that good. you could look at a corsair, seasonic, nzxt or XFX

Okay, thank you. I looked at all of those brands too but they were all more expensive for the same power and a few other drawbacks like not being modular. These were the best three that I could find.

Thank you for helping and you have my decision made, now to order everything and build my computer at last!

Honestly... the Power Supply is the one part you shouldn't skimp on. It will be delivering power to all of your expensive components in your system. What I would recommend is that you check out JohhnyGuru sometime: This is the website with the best Power Supply information and knowledge base.

I wouldn't touch the OCZ Modstream unit with a 10ft pole. It's got multiple 12v rails and that requires you properly connect the unit in order to share the load across both 12v rails. Also splitting 12v rails is usually done via a circuit (they're really a single 12v rail). The end result is a loss in terms of efficiency under load.

If you want to keep it around the same price then skip the modular and get one of these:


The XFX units are Seasonic units in disguise but with one big difference... they're made using Japanese Capacitors for a longer lifespan and cleaner power (see here:

The OCZ ZS series are manufactured by sirtec. A good company but certainly not Seasonic quality wise.

Just my 2 cents.