PSUs under $200, opinions

so im looking at getting a new psu for my computer. my current computer is a non modular 450w antec.

i want a more powerful psu so i can upgrade more freely in the future and not have to worry about the powersupply quiting on me

what im looking for in a psu:

1. at least 80+ silver certified

2. 800w or more

3. preferably fully modular but partially modular will do

4. under $200

any suggestions are appreciated some i have been currently looking at include:


Cougar SX850

SeaSonic X-850


You can't go wrong with SeaSonic, a very solid brand. If you would like more options you could check out some of the corsair PSU's like this one:

Corsair AX850

It's a bit more pricy compared to the ones you selected but then again its all about how much you are willing to spend on quality parts. :D

yah, i do want good quality but i also dont want to spend over $175 for 850w, cuz i think somehow i will convince myself down the road a few years to get a 1000+ watt psu


actualyl now thinking i would be fine with spending $200.


Comparing Corsair AX850 to the SeaSonic X-850 they seem identical. Hell, it's probably safe to say Seasonic made that psu and Corsair slapped on a different enclosure/fan. I would just go with the Seasonic here since it's cheaper.

You're probably right, I guess then you'd be better off getting the SeaSonic :D

yah the seasonic does look like the best choice so far


this psu is on sale for $179 its:

1300w (which is very future proof)

80+ gold certified

and it has quite a few good reviews

Rosewill Lightning 1300

should i consider getting this over the seasonic