someone knows if my psu is good enough?

fx 8350 oc to 4.5 ghz

2x sapphire 280x toxic 300watt max total 600watt max

simple 1920x1080 screen. 30watt?


700 watt enough? or 850? or 1000watt?

and what if i only have 1 280x 300watt?

550watt enough?


550 watt xfx pro plus bronze

700 watt Cooler Master G700 plus bronze

750 watt OCZ ZS Series 750W

850 watt xfx pro plus bronze


is plus bronze needed? i only know if it is light it is crap

is a 80 plus enough? or is 80 plus bronze better?

Goedkoopste Thermaltake Berlin

Thermaltake Berlin is 80 plus and 50$. 630 watt.

Antec Signature 850, is this one good for crossfire? it is 100$ and before it was 220$.



Well first of all in reference to 80 plus and 80 plus bronze:

when power supplies say they are 80 plus certified it is talking about how power efficient and by that I mean it (the pus) will still power your parts but some energy is wasted in the process just the way it works. when a power supply claims its 80 plus bronze or 80 plus silver or 80 plus gold or 80 plus platinum it is just referring to how efficient it is (how much energy is used with less waist). bronze is better than just plain plus, silver is better than bronze, gold is better than silver, and platinum is better than gold.

Second in reference to the power draw:

If your estimate is right on some of the components then 600w for the 2x GPUs and you are using the 8350 then i would recommend a 1000w-1200w because you didn't list what rpm HDD or how much RAM so im estimating roughly that the total system without the GPUs would draw around 300w plus your estimate of 600w for the two GPUs.

I'd go for at least 850w for crossfire, maybe more if you plan to OC CPU+GPU. If you aren't, you might be able to get away with a little less. Without Crossfire you'd need at least 500w, but I'd get a little more, so a 550w - 650w.

You don't need 80 plus Bronze, but as a general err... guideline, PSU's have to use higher quality components to achieve better efficiency, so many people opt for the bronze rating. Just regular 80 plus is enough, but bronze is better. I'd note that there are some crappy PSU's that manage to achieve 80 plus, much fewer achieve 80 plus bronze.

As for the weight, that's not necessarily true. there are some manufacturer's that will put weights, such as sand, in their PSU's to make them appear as though they have quality. Efficiency rating (80+) is more indicative of quality.

The Antec signature 850 looks solid, but if you can afford it, I'd get the XFX 850w. XFX PSU's are manufactured by SeaSonic, which is a very well respected name in the PSU market. However I'd say Antec is also a well respected name, though I don't know too much about their signature series. I can't imagine they'd cut corners on something they're calling their signature series.

thanx to all,  probably a 600 watt psu and when i upgrade to crossfire a 850+ psu.

i have OC fx 8350 4.5ghz

1 hdd wd blue 500gb 7200rpm

kingston ssd hyperx 120gb.

srry about that.

i go with the corsair 600v2 or 600m. corsair is a good name to me. and for crossfire i don't know yet. but i don't go for a big psu right know i think.


can you sell a psu easily if it is 3 years old?

The CX600(M) will be OK for one GPU.  I believe those are 80 plus bronze, which means roughly 85% efficiency at about 50-75% load.  The seasonic G series is also OK.

The more power you draw the more important efficiency is, because wasted energy becomes heat and heat de-rates your PSU.  It will shut itself off if it gets hot.  When you crossfire you are increasing total power draw by more than 50%.  That's 50% more heat being produced, if the efficiency is the same.


Without overclocking, those cards will pull 200W each during gameplay. You can crossfire with a decent 650W.

With overclocking, 250W each.

300W each, under a stress test.

750W leaves a lot of headroom.

You could do three-way crossfire with the 850W.

For a single card, you would only need a 450W supply, without overclocking.

With overclocking, you will need a 500W unit.

550W for headroom

Your monitor doesn't pull power from your PSU, by the way.

Berserker has it right, though; a good 650W unit, like a Seasonic X 650, will run two cards and a CPU just fine. However, I recommend a 750W for additional headroom for cap lifespan.

I wonder where I copycat some of my PSU info from...

I used articles the other day. People still didn't believe me. I must be more ruthless.

We'll keep fighting the good fight. One day, people will learn. Until then, they will still recommend 1200W for a two card system (looking at you, guy in the first comment).