I currently can't afford a higher end PSU and I was wondering what your opinions are on this one:

Yes I know I shouldn't cut down on the PSU, but it's only temporary. So what's the chances that it will ruin my system?xD

I live it the UK so the power is constant 99% of the time - power surges and power cuts are very rare.

My system is also a low power system - APU + Motherboard + Hard-drive + RAM + stock cooler fan

Never buy PSU's which arent from a trusted brand like corsair, XFX, seasonic etc.

Fuck knows thats why you get a decent brand but considering its £11 I would invest in home insurance with fire protection. This is because its most likely missing basic saftey features and when it does break sooner rather than later it will most likely catch fire and burn down your house.

by the antec basiq vp 450 its pretty cheap or a corsair cx

How about this one?..

Remember it is only temporary (no more than 2 weeks)..

Get this.

It's a trusted brand, and won't light your house on fire.

wait two weeks and get a better one. no need to risk it or waste money.

really, it's one of those things where you just have to suck it up and spend a little more money on a good brand.