PSU wattage required for a i3 4170 and a Sapphire R9 380


I know there are dedicated calculators for this, but I could really appreciate some input from the community. I'm building a computer with an i3 4170 and an R9 380 from Sapphire. I was wondering if you could tell me around how much of a wattage would be required for this setup. I will NOT be doing any upgrades in the future in the form of crossfire, so no need to calculate for future proofing.

Thanks a lot for the help!

You'd be fine with any basic psu. According to pcpartpicker those 2 parts draw about 200 so w/ a 500W PSU you'd be fine. I only mention 500W because you can usually get those for the same price as a lesser quality lower wattage unit. Just make sure it's a reputable brand and has some form of 80+ rating (i personally don't go lower than bronze).

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Yes a 500W will basicly be more then enough.

As in building a whole new computer?

if so, I'd go with this one from seasonic, it's bronze rated and 620W