PSU upgrade required?

Hi guys.

I am currently changing some components in my system.

I have a 4670k and R9 280 both overclocked.

Currently I am running one SSD, two 120mm fans, one 92mm fan and a AIO water cooling unit - all running just fine.

I am changing my computer though back to air cooling.

It's going to be the same overclocked 4670k and R9 280, however the case will now have four 120mm fans, the cpu cooler will be a Hyper 212 Evo with two fans (so six 120mm total) and I am adding one 2TB hard disk and two 500 gb disks (mirrored).

Do you think this will be pushing my current Enernmax 550W powersupply? It is a good quality unit, I am just not certain if the extra fans + hard disks will push it too far?!

Fans, hard drives, and SSDs have next to no power draw. You'll be ok with 550w assuming you don't have huge overclocks. Even if you did, I'd expect it to still be fine.

Nothing too wild, 4.4Ghz at 1.3v on the i5 & 1100mhz core / 1350mhz mem on the 280.

Similar systems only pull 450W, or less, on an efficient supply. Should have plenty of headroom.